An Island Divided: Considering Britain’s Future As Scottish Independence Looms

Tug of War Scottish independence

On 18th September 2014, Britain will gear up for one of the most important referendums of its long history. Scotland will vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to independence, in a decision which will have wide-ranging repercussions on the lives of all natives, north or south of the border. At stake is the 307-year-old partnership which has […]

London Brawling : How The North Can Go Blow-For-Blow With An Economic Colossus

London and the North to fight for economic reign of the UK

Through the annals of time, the wars and the revolutions, and the rise and fall of empires, much has changed in the United Kingdom. Yet one thing has remained constant – the position of London as the nation’s leading city, and a thriving centre for international trade. Since the days of the British Empire, the […]

Smooth Crimea-nal – Putin’s Push For Power And The Economies In The Crossfire

Russia Crimea Conflict Putin

Vladimir Putin is many things, but indecisive is certainly not one of them. His bold annexation of Crimea, the large landmass on the northern coast of the Black Sea which sits between Ukraine and Russia, has world leaders worried. Is conflict on the cards? Recent history has taught us that when the Western world worries, […]

Football, Favelas, And Freedom – The Truth Behind Brazil’s World Cup

Football, Favelas, And Freedom – The Truth Behind Brazil’s World Cup

The World Cup is here, but not everyone is happy about it. Perhaps such a statement seems obvious, but it needed to be said. As television supporters, we have grown accustomed to seeing jubilance and unrestrained patriotism in the natives at World Cup tournaments. Many of us might be inclined – on the limited evidence […]