About Us

Fluent Financier was founded in June 2014 by two graduates, Joshua Lelliott and Richard Saint. We saw a gap in the market for an practical and intuitive way to learn finance and economics; one which would be more interactive than the traditional method of poring over books. This method for learning could then be combined with regular, high-quality journalism, to allow knowledge to be directly applied to the issues which matter in finance today.

Although there are already a number of sites which comment on the economy or finance, and plenty more which provide definitions on financial terms, we were unsatisfied with the options for both. Definitions were often written with more jargon than the article in which the word was found in the first place(!), and didn’t include enough real-world examples of the word in practice. Similarly, we saw a dearth of options for free quality financial journalism. Those which aren’t based on paid subscriptions seemed to be swamped with tedious by-the-numbers posts, churned out to meet deadlines. And that’s not to even mention the cases of statistics being twisted to fit either political or sensationalist purposes…

Fluent Financier, then, is our effort to buck the trend, helping hobbyists keep the faith in quality print media, and educate people about the fascinating world of finance. As both of us were already performing freelance work on various similar sites, starting a partnership website was a simple and logical next step.

Josh Lelliott

Josh Lelliott Fluent Financier Co-Founder And JournalistJosh is a final year Economics student at the University of Manchester. He developed an early interest in finance & economics and, after extensive research and the exhaustion of a crammed bookshelf, made his first stock market investment in Charter International plc at the age of 18. When the firm was acquired by Colfax months later – almost doubling his money – he was hooked. His value-based strategy has been paying dividends ever since, and he now manages a diversified portfolio. His view of the markets is largely shaped by his idol, Warren Buffett. Like the man himself, he believes that while markets are generally efficient, they are also subject to fickle investor sentiment and that, of course, means pockets of value are to be found for the astute.

Josh has a particular passion for M&A and emerging markets, and he is chiefly responsible for the financial section of FF. His graphic design skills are also put to good use, with an abundance of statistical graphs and illustrations to keep him busy. Outside the office, Josh has an eclectic range of interests, from travel to sports to painting. He ‘likes to try new things’, whether playing jazz guitar/piano, studying in China or running his first marathon. Fluent in French and learning Mandarin, Josh hopes to lead a long and successful career in the city before one day realising his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.



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Richard Saint

Richard Saint Fluent Financier Co-Founder And JournalistRich graduated in English Literature and Linguistics from the University Of Manchester. He has been an avid investor since he turned eighteen, and has built up a diversified portfolio across a range of sectors. Rich currently works in Marketing for one of the fastest growing law firms in the UK. Here, his role is much like that of his profession; his expertise in writing high quality online copy is trusted to make every single sentence on the website as concise, valuable, and readable as it can be.

The direct experience of content marketing he has amassed also makes him well-placed to drive the content strategy of Fluent Financier to the needs of its users. With a well-rounded experience of work in the media, from freelance journalism to radio presenting and newsreading in his student days, Rich is working on building a multichannel digital experience for FF, which will include podcasting, app media and video productions. Away from finance and economics, Rich enjoys playing jazz piano, keeping fit, and travelling. He speaks French and is learning Spanish.



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